Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fountains of Fun

A few days ago we took the kids on an excursion to a shopping mall in Columbus. Okay, well--I had an appointment with a specialist to see what could be done about my chronic pain that freezes my muscles in whatever position I happen to be in at the moment. (I give new meaning to the word "statuesque." Even though I'm rather short. Tallish for short, but still short.)

Given that Columbus is a good drive away from home, we knew we'd have to give the kids some fun, too. And preferably some that didn't cost too much. Hence the shopping mall.

You can see here that they loved it! Ethan and El ran through one of the two fountains that are set on random sequences and are actually made for running through or standing in. Eleri watched Ethan first, then got into the fun of it.

Em thought that her brother and sister were just crazy for doing this!

I did bring extra clothes for all of them, thankfully.

They also got to see a garden railroad. Eleri was hoping that Santa Claus would show up, but we told her he was in the North Pole, already working on presents for the next Christmas.

Oh, I cannot forget--I promised someone that I'd post a picture of a strange-looking phone booth. Strange because we don't usually have phone booths like this around these parts.