Tuesday, November 21, 2006

From the Dark Underbelly of my Psyche

Kelly (aka "Chaostitan") has tagged me to reveal five things about myself that few people know. And then I'm supposed to tag five other people. I'm flattered that Kelly thought of me, really. But five--five?! I asked my mom if she knew any things about me. She said, "You're left-handed. People probably don't know that. And you have a heart as big as the world." Aww, that's so sweet! But perhaps not much of a secret. Well, okay--here goes:

1. I dance like a dork. I love to dance--move to the music. I have great rhythm. But I don't express it gracefully. Slow dancing is fine, as long as I can follow my partner; I'm a quick study. As far as fast dancing goes, I'm forbidden by my husband to do it in public. For those familiar with "Seinfeld," he says I dance like Elaine Benis. I'm sure that some of it would be cured with a few lessons. *Sigh* Maybe someday!

2. I sing almost all the time. All silly stuff. Kid's songs. Or I sing about what I'm doing, while I'm doing it. Comes from trying desperately to keep the kids entertained while I'm cooking or cleaning or folding laundry. "Cuttin' up the chicken, yum-yum-yum! Stompin' my feet, singing dum-dum-dum!" That sort of thing. Or I dance with the kids (see above) and sing one of their songs, like "Choco-lot in my Pocko-lot." (It's got a nice riff at the end.) If you like kid songs, go here for Laurie Berkner's stuff.

3. I'm very shy, but I tend to overcompensate for it. Which is why it's a secret. See that outgoing gal in the corner of the room? That would be me. Ms. Shy. Shhhh!

4. I love silliness. And playing jokes on people. It's gotten me into a bit of trouble from time to time. Most people think I'm too serious to ever do such things, which means I also get away with it more often than I should. I can't give details, unfortunately, here. But ask me sometime; maybe I'll tell. Or ask my father-in-law about the box of rocks he got for Christmas. Or mention to him "Sock of the Month" club. He's one of my favorite, um, victims. Poor fella!

5. I love to sling out a good swear word, sometimes. Under my breath and away from my kids. If I drop something or if I stub my toe, oh how wonderful it feels to express myself with a swear word or two. They sound so gutteral, like a verbal punch at whatever it was that made me angry or hurt.

6. Oh, yeah, and I . . . whoops. Only five. Sorry!

Now, whom shall I pick? Who is appearing in my magic mirror?

Now, off with you! Go dive into the dumpsters of other people's minds! I dare you!

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rich said...

Shelly, do I list them on my own blog? What's the deadline? Do I pick another five folks?