Friday, October 12, 2007

The World is Her Sandbox

Eleri was born to be an eternally denied only child. She's learned to share toys a bit more, and she's trying to understand the concept that she has to share lap time and attention, as well.

She, in her little four-year-old mind, has made the observation that in order to be *ahem* important, she must be "a boss" of something or someone.

I've heard her whisper to herself things like, "I am the little boss. I am the boss of the little people." She makes friends in preschool the ones who cry and miss their parents--Eleri takes them under her wing and shows them the ropes. In their thankfulness, they seek her approval because she treats them well and compassionately.

Her preschooler teachers are impressed with Eleri's empathy. I think she's parlaying it into a group of kids who will let her be their Benevolent Dictator.

Yeah, I confess to being concerned about a four-year-old with that kind of ambition. But then, she could be the next congresswoman or student body president or something BIG. My only hope is that she'll find that spot in her world where she'll be her happiest.


Frank Baron said...

I doubt you have anything to worry about. She's probably going to be a teacher. Or maybe take over Cuba when Castro finally puffs his last stogie.

Great holiday pics too. You have a fine-looking family. :)

(Oh. And it's ABOUT TIME you posted something!) ;)

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany said...


I doubt you remember who I am but I was the editor of Other Side of the Badge. I just found the forum where you were discussing the magazine. It went under because of a couple of major personal things that happened.

I'm happy to see you're still writing. Where are some of the places you've been published? I'd love to hear how things are for you.

I am also the mom of FOUR girls who are benevolent dictators. :-) it is funny to see them interact. I think they're all Type A personalities. But then, so is their mommy.