Friday, June 20, 2008

Why I Haven't Posted Anything Lately

Isn't this evidence enough? The weather has been hot, and I've had some good days. Which makes for a good time swimming at my friend's house, who has been so kind and gracious as to fence in her beautiful pond so as to keep the youngest from falling into it. Except that Eleri ended up falling in while she was chasing a butterfly.

The kids love their auntie's pond. They love to try to catch the fish in there. And the fish are dumb enough to allow them to at least touch their tails.

I haven't a clue as to what this red bloom is. Anyone have an idea? It was growing in the woods under a tree.

The pic above is a mayflower. When I was growing up, I never got to see the actual flower. I was either too early or too late into the woods to see the bloom, which doesn't last very long. And the fruit that appears after are mayapples, but I don't think they're for eating. I wouldn't try, at least.

We've had some great walks in the woods that are not that far away from the house. And we found some beautiful flowers in them; I've never seen some of these before.

We found one path that led to a grove of huge tulip trees, and the tulips had freshly fallen to the ground. Eleri brought them home (okay, I actually brought them home in the baby backpack where Em was riding most of the time) and we had some fun with them. It was Eleri who arranged them into a wreath in the bowl, and I added the candle. Isn't that awesome for a four-year-old? (Hint: the answer is "yes.") Hee.

Anyway. This is hopefully how we shall be spending most of the summer. Outside and in a pool or under a tree or by a pond or in the woods or riding bikes. You know, the things that summer is made of.

Nope. No pics of folks in bathing suits. Go somewhere else for that sort of thing! Go on!
So I'll see you guys in a bit. I'm off to make more memories. For them, and for me.

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Laura said...

Have a great summer. Other than editing my Evy project, I plan to spend most of my summer with my family (especially Eva). I sometimes drop into AW in the evenings.