Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Beautiful Gift Plucked from the Ashes

There are some wonderful Geek members on AbsoluteWrite. Everyone has stopped waiting for the database to the message boards to be returned, and the mods and techies are slowly rebuilding the site from scratch.

Some of the more tech-inclined have been haunting the internet, sifting through the ruins in Google cache to find bits here and there. They've been putting it all into a big pile, and it will still take time to sort it all out. There is a great hope that some of it will be recovered and useful, but it's like someone committed an act of arson to the forum.

Today in the chat room, I was lamenting about the loss of the first thread I started. I was pregnant with Emmory when I began it, and it was a request for help in picking a name. I got the most wonderful help, and I got the most hilarious responses from the AbsoluteWrite members. Someone had suggested to me that I print out the thread and save it for my daughter's baby book. I figured I'd get around to it sometime.

But no one ever knows when a fire will hit.

I figured it was lost for good. After all, it was just a piece of momentary amusement for everyone but me. But Tori, known as Tjwriter on the boards, is a mom, too. And she searched like a bloodhound for the pieces left on the internet. She knew what it would mean to me to have it back.

She found it all. She even remembered the name of the thread when I didn't.

I've printed off the thread, and thanks to Tori, it is now in Emmory's baby book.

I feel like she went sifting through the ashes of AbsoluteWrite to find my heirloom China plate with the roses on it.

Thank you, Tori. Bless you. Chatting with you has been a great gift--I'm glad to be getting to know you.


TJWriter said...

Aw, shucks. It was nothing. Some things are important, especially to Mommies.

Zonk said...

Being a part of AW has come to mean something.

Old friendships have been fortified, and new ones forged during this 'BarBarian Captivity' (Rob's coinage) that make AW unique.

I believe that in years to come, young writers will sit wide-eyed and open-mouthed as ageing AW Shutdown survivors tell tearful tales of threads forever lost and gleeful ones of agents GoogleBombed frantically upwards to the ozone heights of Net notoriety...


It's things like this that we'll really remember.

We are AW.
We survive.
We adapt.
We overcome.
And we stand by our friends.

September said...

I didn't know this. I loved this story. Thanks, tjwriter, for coming to the rescue! :) I think adding it to the baby book was precious. What a keepsake.