Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ethan's Big Battle Adventure

My son Ethan loves making up stories. This summer he got a pirate journal in his Happy Meal. Instead of being disappointed because he didn't get a toy, he became very excited. "Mom, will you draw the words for my story?"

So every night at bedtime, he dictated. And my husband and I took turns "drawing" his words. Like every rough draft, it meanders and stalls and repeats in places. But not bad for a four year old, eh? (Yes, I'm bragging!) He's got his imaginary friend Bella, a dinosaur; a wise teacher, and lots of action with whatever buddies he's seen on the Nick website. It's a neat window into the mind of my son. (BTW, he chose his picture for the blog--he's adamant that he look "serious" for the story.)

Ethan's Big Battle Adventure

Ethan gets to the pirate's boat. Then he saves Bella.



Then, Ethan throws the the prates into the water. Then, Ethan saves Bella. His mission is complete. Now, he goes to his lab and he figures out how to defeat the pirates.

He needs a big, golden sword. And then he needs to get back to the pirates' boat.

Ethan uses his powers he got from his teacher Superday to lift the sword and the boat. His team--Bella, Bleepy, Power Rangers, and Tredex--help Ethan to defeat them.

Then the team uses their thinking to think out the problem of how to defeat the enemy Zonko. Zonko pops out of the lava, and round things come out of his mouth.

The pirates fall down. The blood sucks back in to the pirates. The pirates thought they could defeat Ethan and his team. Ethan is a dalmation, and powerful. He has a deal to defeat the pirates with his team--he does that, and he saves the day.

Ethan goes back to his lab again. He figures out with his teacher how to defeat the pirates. He uses a super trick to make the pirates foam and fake.

And then, Ethan and his team make the pirates die by using laser watches on them. Hoo-hoo!

Then, they hit two rocks and the ship crashes and they sink. A big fishie eats them, like this: "Homp!" Then the fish spits them out of the top of his head.

Well, then the fishie swims away and then the fishie swims back. Ethan shoots lasers at the big, mean fish! Ethan gets away and swims with his friends--swim, swim, swim!

Ethan gets back to his lab. He wants to suck a little life out of the pirates.

Ethan finds a trap. The trap has a lever to make the trap go down, but then Ethan's team says, "Don't shoot it! It will make us foam and fake!"

Ethan uses his laser on the next wall to make a hole. He uses his binoculars to see up close. Then they run quickly so they don't get shot.

Ethan turns the power button off. The lights flicker off and on, and the lights stay on. Then a hand points "that way." The hand has a laser watch and shoots it to the breaker which breaks the trap.

And then, Ethan and his team go to a spaceship. Ethan was the copilot and Bella is the pilot. The spaceship has two guns. The Monkey Team Force was in trouble, and they were part of Ethan's team, so Ethan was going to save them. The Monkey Team Force was stuck on planet Mars.

There was a Martian that was controlling the spaceship and making them do loops and then crash. Mayday! Mayday! Ethan's teacher's enemy is a Martian, and he was making the lava on Mars go higher and higher. Ethan gave his teacher a golden rock. His teacher put the rock down and pressed a lever and the lava went down.

Ethan defeated the Martians, and the Martians said, "Die, die, die, die, and die!" the whole time Ethan was there. Then the Martians said "Die!" one more time, because Ethan was a superhero, and they were mad at him. They had a lava gun and started shooting lava at him, but Ethan had a forcefield on.

Ethan turns off his forcefield. Then he does something to free them from the Martians, but the Martians continue to shoot lava from their lava guns. Bam! Bam! Bam!

Ethan has a tiny hole in his laser watch and a little thing he likes to call a "tracker-downer." He had a million robots to attack. Well, it was seventeen. And they were red, yellow, and green and black and white and silver. And also blue. Ethan used his super punch and kick and he used his finger to knock them down like dominos.

Ethan found a golden rock that had powers inside. When Ethan picked it up, he had powers, and he did have his robot finder.

And that's where it ends, for now. But it begs questions: will Ethan and his team ever get off the planet Mars? Did he finally defeat the pirates, or will they return in the sequel? And when will Ethan discover that while he might be a superhero, he is not really a dalmation, no matter how powerful? And what the heck is "foam and fake?"

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