Sunday, January 21, 2007


We are having our first real snow of the season, so I bundled all three kiddos up and out we went. The snow wasn't sticky enough for a snowman, but it was perfect for making soft snowballs. Ethan and I had a snowball fight, and by the end of it he was getting pretty darn accurate. (No, I have no pictures of me with snow on my face.) All the kids got to sled down our hilly front yard with the saucer sled.

Eleri wandered around eating snow and making snow angels. Once in awhile she'd throw a snowball at me, and I returned it in kind. But we have to be careful with her--she takes issue when someone accidentally brushes against her and will start screaming, "YOU HIT ME!!! WAHHHHH!!!!"

Well, you can see by the look on Emmory's face that she loves the snow! She didn't like the hat on her head, but when I put the mittens on her, she started clapping her hands together and laughing.


poetinahat said...

Wonderful photos of the kids -- and the snow makes me a little envious. (Of course, a trip to the beach soothes my pain.)

You must be proud!

Delores Topliff said...

Shelly, Just checking in on your and your great family; you all look wonderful. I'm happy for you. Will make sure I manage to see you all again before the kiddies are grown up.

Frank Baron said...

Terrific pics and lovely family.

Now, how about a springtime update? :)

Rhonda said...

I saw "snowbabies" and wondered where you live that has bro't about on and realiz it's been since January that you have blogged!!! Your kiddies are absolutely adorable and your writing is funny :) Now, like Frank said, how 'bout some spring ... or fall pics?! ;)