Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Children of the Corn

I was talking to some of my online friends about girls and their girly things, and I remembered Eleri dressing up as a fairy princess for Hallowe'en in 2006.

She says that when she grows up, she will go to college to learn how to be a princess and then she will live in PrincessLand. I'm trying to drill into her that because she has such beauty on the outside, she has to try that much harder to behave in such a manner to match that beauty. Um, I hope that will work.

She truly is a lovely, charming girl. When she wants to be.

Oh, and whilst looking, I came across a few other pictures taken around the same time. Like the one of the kids peeking through the holes of the cornstalks when we took a visit to the local farm where they have a corn maze and hayrides.

And also some pics from when we came back from vacation that year and we found some great roadside trails. It was a lovely, happy accident to have found such a lovely site where we could get the kids out of the car and walk about a bit.

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