Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How could I forget the dog?

Heh. Now someone has asked me what our dog looks like. Well, he's big. We found him at the local animal shelter and he was so young he still hadn't lost all his milk teeth. The shelter told us he was older than he really was. He looks like a blond German shepherd, mostly. We think he's probably largely a cross between a golden retriever and a shepherd. With a few other things thrown in.

He seemed like a friendly dog, so we asked to see him. We'd lost our last dog to old age two days before Emmory was born. And Eleri seemed to need something to boss around. We were hoping that the dog would distract her from trying to boss around Emmory.

They brought Comet out, and he came over to each one of us and greeted us with a kiss on the cheek. Even the baby. We knew then he had to be for us.

Sometimes he still gets a bit rough. But he lets Em wrestle him and he lies there and just takes it. He loves to chase dust motes when the sun shines through the window in the afternoon. He also loves to chase bubbles that the kids blow. He's a happy dog, and most of the time we're glad he's around. (Not so much when he gets into the garbage or tears up something. But geez--if that were grounds for getting rid of a family member, we'd have "dropped our kids out into the country" a long time ago.)

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