Thursday, April 10, 2008


Funny, but I noticed I have only one pic in here that has my husband in it. How sad is that? I suppose it's because one or the other of us is always the one taking the pictures.

Anyway. You can see he has a nice twinkle in his eyes. His eyes are so dark they are almost black, actually. And he has black hair streaked with silver at his temples--they shine in the light like tinsel. He has a ready smile, beautiful cheeks that beg to be pinched. No, not those cheeks! Heyy, hands of my man, there! And lovely teeth, too. Which I told him even when we were dating. He found it to be a strange compliment, but he married me, anyway. Whatta guy!

The first picture is Ethan's first day of kindergarten, taken at the end of August. He's grown so much, even since then! The second one is from vacation in 2006.

The last one, of course, is from our wedding day. Fifteen years come September. We got married in a park by the Muskingum River, and it was a perfectly gorgeous day. Even if it had rained, it would have been beautiful, though.

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Laura said...

In such little time
We shared so much
Learning of the other’s life
Through simple lines of text
Without a handshake
Or spoken word
I have come to know you
My friend Across the World

Happy Birthday Shelly
From Laura